Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy... Taima Day?

Perhaps I've gotten way more pathetic than previously thought. On Valentine's Day, even though I'm working on a present for Mistah Jay, I didn't think that anyone was going to get me anything.

I was clearly mistaken.

From my "school daughter"; two feather roses, an LED light up rose, a chocolate rose, a red stuffed puppy.

My BFF; a silver butterfly necklace with blue stones, lovely! And perfect for wearing every day.

My future roommate; a stuffed hippo.

My fake boyfriend; a bunch of carnations in a red vase with a white bear and red heart attached.

Why did I get all these things? Because everyone thought no one else was getting me something, and that I'd be sad. I've never really mentioned Valentine's Day, only bumming slightly that Mistah Jay wouldn't acknowledge me (and he didn't). Still working on his present.

Today, I reconnected with a friend. He had previously been a dick to me, and he did admit that today, and apologized. He said he had no idea why he said the things he said, and he was wrong. He hadn't anticipated me being mad for almost a year about it.


The most wonderful part? We both dressed up fancy (and I'm one of three people he does that for) and sat in the ice cream parlor, eating onion rings for three hours and discussing out lives. We talked about Mistah Jay, his last relationship, our friends, our lives.

It was great.

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