Thursday, January 19, 2012

Livin' On A Prayer

Living on my own as been a mixed bag.

In one week, I started a new relationship, contracted a UTI, went to urgent care twice and the Emergency Room once, and was misdiagnosed twice. That was fun. Happily things have been sorted out.

I really like my new boy, Yon Faire Newcomer. A boy I met when I met Mistah Jay, who apparently wanted to ask me out. But Mistah Jay I guessed dibs'd me or something, and YFN pussied out. Point being, he called me up and asked me out, and to my surprise, I said yes.

I said yes to someone who is NOT Mistah Jay.

Anyway, YFN is fantastic. I couldn't have made it through this month without him. Could not. His family adores me.

It's finally what I wanted.

Anyway. Living with Bubby and his finacee is coming to an end. She Who Must Be Kept decided that she isn't making Croc leave, like she promised me. In her words, she had a choice between me and her, and she chose herself. She said Croc makes her a better person and is saving her.

I told her that if someone is "making" you a better person, you're doing it wrong. You should do those things or yourself. Another person can inspire you, but shouldn't be your motivation.

People are not good anchors.

So now I'm moving in with Rosie and her sister. For free.

But I just want to go home.