Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

It's no secret that I sleep on the love seat downstairs, in the living room with my mother. My older brother has two bedrooms upstairs that he uses (the wall was knocked down between them).

She Who Must Be Kept has a friend called Croc. Croc got evicted from his home, due to a long and complicated series of events. Since then, he's been living on couches and in borrowed beds. It's all a sad story, and I do admire that he's making the best of it and he's not asking for handouts.

SWMBK wanted him to come and live here. I nixed that idea because, the fuck? I don't even have a room here. She wanted him to sleep in the room that I've been told I can't sleep in.

Anyway, I came home last night very late after hanging out with my friend Dante. Dante and I were furniture shopping because I'm potentially living with he and his girlfriend Rosie next year. Anyway, I get back at twelve thirty or one in the morning, and Croc was STILL here and SWMBK was still awake.


SWMBK proceeded to go to sleep. Croc sat on her couch WHERE SHE WAS SLEEPING eating potato chips and watching She Ra. I kept waiting and waiting for him to leave. But no. He just stayed, feeding the cats dill dip to the cats to see them make funny faces.

Finally, at four in the morning I went; "Are you staying here tonight?"

"Huh? Yeah, I guess I'd better. Too late to leave now."


And the guy doesn't sit STILL. He fidgeted all night long. It was four thirty before I could go to sleep. And it was creepy to try and sleep in the room with an awake person just chillaxing there.

I approached SWMBK and asked that Croc not stay with us anymore.

"Because I can't sleep."
"Well, what does him being here have to do with you being able to sleep? I don't understand."
"He's down there awake! I'm trying to sleep!"
"I just don't see why it's a big deal."


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