Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mea Culpa

The words that I speak,
Hold less weight than the words I don't speak.
And these words are echoing inside of me,
Bouncing around,
The voices shouted into an empty museum.

I am a mausoleum of your failures.
I am a canvas, splashed with the blood from your soul.
I am battered and broken,
A beloved toy finally thrown away.

I am the the sum of your every regret.
But somehow you don't look away.
You keep coming back to me,
More and more and more.
You have sucked me dry.

Mea culpa, my love.
Mea culpa, my most regrettable love.

When you come back around,
When you're ready for me.
I'll be here, silent and thoughtful.
Will you be ready?
You never could stand my silence.

I wish you could hear the screams inside of me.
The voices all whisper your name.

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