Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold Is The Night I See You Bold, Searching For Your Romeo

I read this website called Something Awful. I don't have an account there, I can't really be arsed to spend the ten bucks on it right now.

Anyway, today someone found this link to a church that was full of furry Christians. While I have no problem with Christians being furries, or vice versa (although I don't really get the whole furry fetish, just like any other fetish I just don't get. If it floats your boat, whatever, I guess...) I don't see the point in combining the two.

In the first place, this pastor (and I hesitate to even call him such. I understand the point is to bring people closer to God) was giving misinformation and myths about Judaism and its parallels to Christianity. I don't feel like this is a good way to bring people to Jesus. In the second place, I felt like he was trying to make something that's about sex somehow cleaner, somehow--not about sex.

And that doesn't work.

I have some fetishes myself. I like being choked. I like being tied down. But I don't try to make these things anything they aren't. I like being choked because it gets me off. I like being tied down because, well, it gets me off. I won't make any excuses for that, and I acknowledge it isn't for everybody. (Disclaimer: Choking is dangerous, I understand that and fully acknowledge that. Please, please, please, if you decide to indulge in things like that, make sure you're with someone you trust, know how to safe/word signal out, and KNOW YOUR LIMITS.) Things that get me off don't really have anything to do with God.

I know that there are churches targeted for homosexuals/bisexuals/trisexuals/whatever-sexuals... But I sort of feel like that's different. I can't even understand why. Does that make me hypocritical?

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