Friday, August 13, 2010

The Saga of Who The Hell Knows? Part the Second

I had my follow up appointment with my specialist today. We'd gotten results from my blood work about half a week after the first one, and the doctor had said my vitamin D was low. She prescribed me 50,000 units to be taken once a week.

"Huh," She Who Must Be Kept and I said. "That seems kinda high. But are not doctors and we will trust that the doctor knows what she is doing. After all, we are paying for these services."

Today, I got to the office (AT EIGHT THIRTY THIS FREAKING MORNING!! BLAAAARGH!) and promptly went back to the room, which is a refreshing change of pace. We waited for only five minutes before the doctor popped back.

She complimented my nail polish and liked that my nails and toes matched before sitting down. I'm feeling a hundred times better than I was. For almost a week now I've woken up with no joint pain at all. I simply get up and shuffle to the bathroom to get dressed for my day. I can even sit up on my own.

"So what exactly was my vitamin D level?"
"Oh, nine,"
"Really? Well, what's normal?"
"About thirty."
"....What?" SWMBK and I said in unison.
"Yeah, I don't see it that low. You really should get out more. But I'm not sure, given your sun allergy, that your body can even process it correctly."

NINE. My level is NINE. How is that even possible!?!? The doctor was impressed with my progress and weight loss and told me to keep it up. I got a multivitamin (which is not Flintstone's, but a real grown up kind), told to finish this course of vitamin D, get my blood checked, and if she finds it unsatisfactory, we'll do another course. Regardless, I'll get checked again in March and will most likely need another course anyway.

But you know what? I am completely fine with that!

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