Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zombies And Why I Hate Them

I'm really afraid of a lot of inane things.

Like possums. Once there was a 'possum on my porch and I refused to leave the house for two days, even through the back door. After all, who knew when it was going to come charging at me with it's sharp little rat face?

I'm afraid of talking fish, too. I cannot for the life of me watch Finding Nemo. Those toy fish they have attached to the plaques that sing? They give me chills every time I have to walk by them in the store.

But the thing that terrifies me the most? Zombies.

I am deathly afraid of zombies. As in scream induced, bedsheet soaking nightmares. I have had so many stupid nightmares where zombies have been attacking my hometown.

And the weird thing is, I'm not really afraid of getting bitten by a zombie--that's not the worst part of it for me. The worst part is when I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO HASN'T BEEN. When there's no one left to help me, when I'm standing there all alone, and I have the fight of my life--and I have to fight it alone.

For that matter, I'm really afraid of nuclear war too. I have a lot of nightmares about that. I'm not afraid of dying when a bomb falls--I'm afraid of not dying and having to try and survive in a world like that. It's the suffering that scares me.

So while there's not much I can do regarding the fear of nuclear war---I'm reading The Zombie Survival Guide.

Bring it on, you undead pricks.

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