Friday, June 4, 2010

Make Me A Witness

So last night, one of my friends was having an especially difficult time, and mentioned falling out of favor with God.

I spent a good chunk of time telling him that I dont' believe we can everfall out of favor. That we're never half as alone as we think we are, and the two most important things I have ever learned about being a Christian;

1. Nothing we are given in the world is ever going to be TOO MUCH. It won't kill us. I understand (and agree) this is nothing but a cliche, but I really still think it's true.

2. All the burdens that we carry, all the things that are weighing us down... We don't have to carry them alone. We're so fortunate in that we have someone--something--however you need to think of God--to help us carry the burdens.

When my friend asked me if it hurt God or was too hard for God to help us, I quickly jumped in with the fact that no, no it was not. God's like a parent. If you can picture your parent standing at the top of a mountain while you're trudging up it, carryigna huge load, don't you think your parent would come rushing down to help you carry some? So you didn't fall?

In a way, it was really cool to be able to do t hat, because he said a lot of the things I said were pretty helpful to him. I have to confess that I'm surprised he said anything about it to me at all though. I've had people tell me I'm "too cool to be a Christian". And I will admit I'm not the first thing that even pops into my head when I think about Christians.

I dye my hair... I have piercings. I like HIM. I wear leather mini skirts. It's not something I talk about all the time. And when it does come up in conversation, I make an effort not to shove it down my friend's throats. They're not into Jesus? That's cool, I am. Let's share ideas and be surprised about how much common ground we actually have.

(That's not to say I haven't had that fun experience of people who are NOT Christian going on a rampage about how all Christian people are hypocrites, and how they shove it down EVERYONE'S throat! These are also the people that try and tell you how dumb it is to believe in God, and how wrong you are, and how you should just stop... They don't see the irony in it. I get the lulz.)

But hey, here's to hoping I made a difference in someone's life. I did the best I could, and I'm just hoping that what I said will do SOMETHING for him.

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