Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pajama Hate-What the Hell?

I really like my pajamas. I have a bunch of soft, fuzzy bottoms, any number of huge, loose t-shirts, and even a couple silky, old fashioned nighties that are lined with flannel on the inside for those really cold winter nights.

Of course, some nights I'm sleeping in a tank top and undies. And some nights I collapse into my bed wearing dirty jeans and a t-shirt, because I was out and about too late, or I'm sick, or I'm not even at home and I don't carry a set of pajamas with me.

(Although that seems like a neat little product, doesn't it? Pajamas in a Ziploc. I could make it out of cheapie scrub material, one size fits no one, really. If I could manufacture this for five dollars, I'd sell it, buy a billion, and keep one in my purse at all times, as well as leaving a few at the places I'm likely to turn up randomly.... I digress.)

What strikes me as weird is hearing people say it's rude to wear pajamas out. What, really? Do you honestly think so? I don't understand why this is.

I wear my pajamas in public. If it's eleven thirty and I went to Meijer's because I HAD to have some toilet paper, or some medicine, or more likely because I really needed a pint of ice cream, you better believe I'm not getting out of my pajamas for that. If it's nine AM on a Sunday and I'm coming right back home to veg out on the couch with some Bam Margera DVDs, I'm not getting dressed just to go and snag the essential groceries.

I even wear my pajamas to class sometimes. Normally it's on the days when I've run a low grade fever, been exhausted and had no business being in class, but I needed to get some notes or take an exam. I wore them on the bus home too, leaning wearily against the window because I was tired. Or it's been on the days when I've had an early class and I'm taking a thirty minute exam and then I can beat it.

I've had people glare and roll their eyes. It's honestly perplexing to me. Does it really bother you to have to look at me in my pajamas for twenty minutes. They're not filthy, I've just been wearing them over night. What are you hating on? I'm coming in, grabbing my Hershey's bar and iced tea, and then I'm going home.

Why is it rude? I mean, I wouldn't wear them to say, a fancy restuarant or when I'm giving a presentation in class. But does it honestly matter if I'm wearing them any other time?

I think it's way worse when I see those girls in those crop tops with their boobs hanging out, and those short shorts that are showing me almost their ass crack. Or when I see boys with their pants hanging around their knees so I know the size, color, and brand of their boxers. (Hanes and Joe Boxer are particularly popular.) But somehow, this is more acceptable than pajamas?

What the hell?

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