Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cracking Joints

This Spring Break has already shaped up to be more productive than my past ones in college. Today I started clearing my brother's crap out of my bedroom. Tomorrow I'm getting the huge Box O' Soda Bottles (seriously, this box is as tall as my thighs and like, two feet wide and three feet long) out. Then I'm sweeping the floor.

I still have to buy;
-My futon. I decided to get just a futon and not bother with the frame because I'm trying to move in a year and I don't want to deal with storing the frame. My future roommate, Aero, said he didn't want to put it in the living room because it wouldn't match the furniture he and his girl want to buy.

-Black out curtains. I will not have the sun pouring in on me anytime it feels like. And it feels like doing this often! So I'm going to hang some black out curtains so I won't have that issue.

-A Bigass Extension cord and power strip.


Argh, sometimes I hate making lists and seeing how much I still have to do. I have to get someone to drive me to even GET the futon. I hate that I have to ask someone to do that for me but... I don't see what choice I really have.

I've also got to get Mistah Jay's quilt done to give to him. He's going to hate it. I don't care though. I'll at least have that done.

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