Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pritty Hairs

I got a hair cut today.

My hair has always been--weird. Up until I was thirteen years old, it hung almost to my butt. It was long, thick, wavy, and this weird shade of dark brown with auburn highlights.

It was also ALWAYS a mess, ALWAYS in my face and ALWAYS back in a ponytail because fuck that. I don't have the kind of time to wash (with just a dime sized amount of that expensive stuff with all the vitamins and nutrients and whatever), condition (a nickle/quarter sized amount, NOT put on my roots but worked through, left to sit for at LEAST five minutes then washed out with COLD water), comb, blow dry, and then flat iron my hair. And yes, I know people who do those steps every day. Or at least every other day.

That is madness!

So I cut it shoulder length when I was thirteen with a pair of craft scissors a friend brought over. I've never had it past my shoulders since. I cut it to my scalp, in layers, in bobs, with bangs, without bangs, Goth inspired, rock star inspired.... Whatever I feel like that month, actually.

One of my friend's usually cuts it. She looks at it, decides it looks icky and then goes nuts in her bathroom with her kitchen shears. She always freaks out, but honestly--it is hair. It will grow back. I always tell her if I don't like it- that is okay. It will grow back.

Today, I was Christmas shopping with a different kid (the kid who wanted to give away LLG's bowling pass in a previous post), and he got a hair cut. I asked the stylist what she would recommend for my. My vitamin issues result in hair loss, which makes my hair look thinner and gross. I don't know yet if it's permanent. She said she had another client with the same problem.

"Layers! A bob! Lots of layers... Just get in the chair." she made it look really nice, and I look all cute and sort of flapperish, which I love. Only I keep going to put my hair in a bun, like I have all semester and there is no hair to put back in a bun.

I'm working on weaning myself off shampoo and conditioner altogether. It doesn't work for everyone, but here's hoping.

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