Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Body, Why?

My body is so weird.

Our car is broken, and since She Who Must Be Kept decided I could have, we're not fixing it right now. We're waiting until spring when I get some sort of legal documentation that I can, in fact, drive (hint: I cannot). And out new one isn't repaired yet either.

So for the past two weeks, I've been walking everywhere that the bus can't take me. To the store, to pay bills, to Taco Bell, whatever. And after about four days of this, my heel started burning when I walked.

At first I thought I had just like, done something weird. Then I realized it was burning every time I stepped a certain way. So I didn't step that way anymore. Herp derp. But I never thought of LOOKING AT MY HEEL.

Oh my God. Blister the size of a marble. All hard and weird. I have no idea why it hasn't popped yet. I kind of wish it would. Do I put a band aid on it or leave it or pop it or...? I don't know!

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