Friday, November 12, 2010

My Breasts

Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am slow, and so I have made this post Breast Cancer Awareness Post. Because it is my blog, and I am allowed to do that! Read 'em and weep.

Breasts. I have them. They're a size double D, the average is a C. I'm finally above average at something! I've been growing my breasts for twenty one years now.

When I was young, I barely knew they were there. Because, honestly, they weren't. I didn't get breasts until I was about eleven years old. And then over night, I shot up from a nothing at all to a B.

At first, I was overjoyed! I was finally becoming a woman! The only problem I had was--well, they didn't really stop growing. B--C--D--DD. I'm sure they'll only get bigger.

Sometimes, they're in my way. They make shirts fit funny. God forbid I wear a tank top on a hot day, they'll be all people see. They make it almost impossible to find a decent dress.

But today, I am claiming my breasts. I am owning them. They belong to me, and they do wonderful things for me.

I love my breasts because... they fill out some tops nice. Not t-shirts, or hoodies, but some of the women's blouses.

I love my breasts because... of the pleasure they have given me when I have been rolling and tumbling between the sheets with someone.

I love my breasts because... they make everyone who looks at me aware that I am a Girl. I am not just a girl, I am a Girl. It radiates off me.

I love my breasts because... when I give people hugs, their heads instantly nestle there. I've had several people tell me that it's comforting to put their head on my breasts. It isn't sexual, it's just--something that makes them feel secure. I like giving that to people.

I love my breasts because... sometimes they're a joke. Anything that makes people laugh is awesome!

I love my breasts because... one day, they will feed my children.

I love my breasts because... they remind me of the fact that all the women in my family have them. We are all Women Together, and having breasts is part of that.

It might seem weird that I've written this entry, being that it doesn't actually go with anything else that I've written here. But I wrote it because, well---I do love my breasts. For all that I whine and bitch, I love them and all they've done for me and will do for me.

Breast cancer has touched my family (like most women). And I write this for all the women that it has touched, either because they were ill, or a loved one was ill. Some of them don't have breasts anymore. This doesn't make them less of a woman. It just makes them stronger.

So I have my breasts. And instead of slouching forward, I will pull my shoulders back, so people can see.

I love my breasts.

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